Cabaser 2mg Tablets

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Cabaser 2mg Tablets

Manufacturing Company: Pfizer

Active Substance:

Pharmacological effect: Cabaser prevent the prolactin discharge. This drug is used by bodybuilders and athletes to remedy the prolactin caused by other anabolic steroids. The drug contains cabergoline which works similar to dopamine in the organism. Cabergoline takes part to a group of meds names dopamine agonists.

Usage: Cabaser treats the signs of Parkinson’s ailment. It is applied by patients that take other medicines to prevent other symptoms. Women should be more careful than men and they have to stop using during pregnancy. The med also cures lactation suppression, hyperprolactinemia, acromegaly and treats the uterine fibroids.

Aftereffect: Call emergency if you have heart valve, difficulties in breathing, palpitations, chest or back pain, swollen legs. These can be first signs of fibrosis. You may encounter different effects like growth of sexual interest and behavior, strong impulse to gamble. Also you may feel sick, indigestion, stomach pain, vomiting, hallucinations, insomnia and problems of liver function.

How to administer (optionally): It is suggested to take Cabaser with meals. This drug is for a long term therapy. In the beginning of treatment the dose is 0,5-1,00 mg per day with intervals each week. Your doctor may grow the dose till 2 to 3 mg/day. Take after meals.