Vagifem 10mcg Tablets

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Vagifem 10mcg Tablets

Drug Class: Estrogens

Active Ingredients: Estradiol

Manufacturer: Novo-Nordisk

Origin: Denmark

Pharmaceutical Form: Vaginal Tablets

Pharmacological effect: Estradiol is a form of estrogen - the crucial hormone. Vagifem is used in the therapy of vaginal atrophy caused by the lack of  oestrogen in postmenopausal period. After Vagifem is administered vaginally, estradiol is absorbed by the organism.

Usage: The drug is used infra-vaginally.

Aftereffect: The patient must seek emergency help in case of difficulty breathing, swelling,hives or any other of allergic reactions. The treatment should be immediately stopped in case if patient feels vomiting,fever with nausea,  diarrhea, dizziness,muscle pain,  fainting, skin rash. Please,inform your doctor if you feel
heart attack symptoms, signs of a stroke, sudden severe headache, problems with vision or balance;slurred speech,signs of a blood clot,jaundice,swelling or tenderness in stomach;breast pain,pelvic pain; unusual vaginal bleeding, weight gain.  

How to administer: Consult your doctor about the dosage. Do not take Vagifen in case of pregnancy or breast feeding.