Femara 2.5mg Tablets

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Femara 2.5mg Tablets

Manufacturing Company: Novartis

Active Substance:

Pharmacological effect: Femara is a sweeten retarder. This drug contains letrozole. It's a hormonal therapy. The medicine reduces the increasing of oestrogen. Femara slows the tumour cells do not spread on the other parts of the organism.

Usage: It is used to prevent the breast cancer. This is for women in the menopausal period. Femara is purposed to aver the cancer. You may use as therapy before the surgery or as a treatment after it.

Aftereffect: Tell your doctor if you have weakness or paralyses of any part of the physique. You may feel chest pain, fast heart rate, bad vision, leg pain. The average effects are sweating, hot flashes and fatigue. A long term uses may bring osteoporosis.

How to administer (optionally): Take one tablet of Femara per day. Administer this at the same time. It can be taken with or without food. Consume it with water or with another liquid. Take the medicine how long your doctor told you. You can use it some months or even years.